General Services

Library Services:

The underlisted services are rendered by the library to satisfy the information needs of her users

  • Loan service
  • Photocopying service
  • Referral Service
  • Bibliographic Searching
  • Readers’ Advisory Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Inter-Library loans
  • Library Orientation.


Loan Service

The service involves lending of books to library users.  The operating policy allows students to borrow four (4) books at a time for a period of two week, while staff members can borrow up to six (6) books for two weeks.  Users can renew borrowed books if they so desire, otherwise, borrowed books are expected to be returned at the expiration of the loan period.  Journals and Reference materials are not conventionally given out on loan.  They are supposed to be used in the library.  However, on personal recognition, they can be given out on short-term loan, usually for overnight/weekend reading.


Photocopying Service:

The Service is available to users, so as to preserve library materials particularly those not given out on loan.  Users can make copies of needed pages from books, journals  and reference materials from the library shelves. 


Referral Service:

Users are referred to libraries of sister universities, in case their information needs could not be met with resources in our library.  On other occasions, information sources are obtained for users on inter-library loan where such materials are not in our collection.


Bibliographic Searching:

Staff of the Circulation and Reference section of the library renders assistance to users in searching for literature sources.  They are assisted in browsing the shelves and packaging of information from the sources located.

Readers’ Advisory Service:  Readers are advised on alternative sources for their information needs.


Current Awareness Service:   Current information in the library are conveyed to users in form of “acquisition alert”.


Inter-Library Loans:  Publications that are not owned by the Library are sourced from other Sister libraries.  They are borrowed for users as inter-library loan.


Library Orientation:  This is done to keep the students abreast of the resources in the library.